Remote Monitoring

Like a security guard, but better; a cost-effective security solution that protects businesses, commercial and residential property from threats including criminal damage and fire.

We have partnered with Remote Watch Monitoring; who now have NSI Gold certificate of approval.

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Intruder Enters Site

Our high resolution IP cameras are recording 24/7 and waiting for an incident. The onboard analytics detect persons entering the protected site.

Video Sent to Monitoring Station

Upon intrusion the cameras send alarm images and video to the monitoring station. Operators analyse the cause and filter if caused by authorised staff working out of hours.

Security Response

The alarm is passed on to local key-holding and security response for immediate attendance to investigate. The monitoring station may also request Police attendance dependant on severity of intrusion and customer service agreement.


After every incident reports are emailed to the client with snapshots of the cause, response times and attendance reports by the security response company.