Off-Grid PowerPack

An off-grid power system that is easy to transport and quick to deploy. Designed for operating low power AC or DC equipment, everything you need to provide a remote power source is neatly fitted into a single, pallet-sized box. In less than an hour, it is now possible to set up a complete solar-wind hybrid power supply. Case Study

Stored Power

As standard, Off-Grid PowerPack is fitted with six 120Ah batteries, storing a total of 8.64kWh of energy.

Remote Monitoring & Control

 Access the portal from your laptop or the mobile app, means that you can see exactly how your Off-Grid PowerPack is performing (live and historical), receive alarm signals by email and even change system settings remotely. 

Rugged Enclosure

 The Off-Grid PowerPack is pallet-sized, so it can be delivered on a single pallet, or even in the back of a pickup, reducing transport costs and making it possible to deploy in remote areas.


Generator BatteryPack

Cost Effective

Designed to charge during the work day from the site generator or welfare unit, providing night and weekend power for the security system whilst the generator is turned off saving fuel costs and noise pollution.

Rapid Deployment

Day-one solution to power up to 4 IP cameras and remote communications on construction sites, typically deployed in less than half a day.
Capacity to provide a 4 day run time without generator charge, ideal for overnight and long weekends.